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Share your best highlights easily


Recording Browser

Rich list of your past recordings for your to browse. Gives you useful information about the video, such as it's name, length, size and FPS along with a thumbnail.

Video Clipper

Simple video editor that gives you fine control over sharing exactly what you want to, seamlessly clip parts of your video into a new one. Doubles as a great place for you to watch your videos.


Easily configure your recording and app settings. Casterr aims for full customizability in an accessible way. Settings are stored in JSON files, which makes backing up and restoring them easy.

Open Source

Casterr is fully open source and free. It's source code is easily accessible to anyone and modification is encouraged! Head over to the repo to contribute yourself.

Cross Platform

Developed for Windows and Linux machines, unfortunately we don't currently support OSX though, but that can change through community engagement on the matter.

Easy & Simple

Anyone can use Casterr, it was built with usability and ease-of-access in mind. Everything that can be, is done automatically out of sight, which takes all the worry away.

If there's a feature you'd like to see, suggest it!